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Documents NOT in English must be translated by a DMV Approved Translator
The Language Link of Connecticut is a Connecticut DMV approved translator 


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  1. Documents NOT in English must be translated by a DMV Approved Translator like The Language Link of Connecticut
  2. To obtain a new learner permit or transfer your out of state driver license you must provide original or certified documents. Out of state learner permits are not transferable.
  3. Photocopies, notarized photocopies and non-certified copies are not acceptable. DMV will scan and store images of all documents.
  4. US Citizens and documented immigrants and non-immigrants (including B1 and B2 visitors) are NOT eligible for a Drive Only credential.

Documents You will need: Identity Verification

You must present two forms of identification; at least one document must be from the Primary document list.

PRIMARY document list

1) Foreign Passport (not expired for more than 3 years)
2) Valid, unexpired consular identification document issued by your country of citizenship

Email to:
Call: 860-561-5438

SECONDARY document list

1) Valid foreign national identification card (current or expired)
2) Valid, unexpired motor vehicle operator's license, with security features, issued by another state or country
3) Original birth certificate with a raised seal issued by a foreign country
4) Marriage certificate issued by any state or territory of the United States

Email to:
Call: 860-561-5438


The Drive Only law requires you to be a resident of Connecticut for at least 90 days.

To prove this:

1) You must bring two pieces of mail or electronic mail from two different sources that show you receive mail at your home in Connecticut.

2) If you moved within the past 90 days, you must bring four pieces of mail, two pieces of mail addressed to you at your new address and two pieces of mail addressed to you at your old Connecticut address. Mail older than 90 days from List A, Mail older than 12 months from List B as of the date you come to DMV.

As of the date you come to DMV, all mail:

- Must include your name and Connecticut residence address

- Must be dated older than 90 days from List A

- Must be dated older than 12 months from List B

- Cannot be dated older than two years

The two proofs of residency can be from either List A or List B.

List A

(Older than 90 Days)

1) A bill from a bank or mortgage company, utility company, credit card
company, doctor or hospital
2) A bank statement or bank transaction receipt showing the bank's name
and mailing address
3) A preprinted pay stub
4) A Medicaid or Medicare benefit statement
5) Any postmarked mail
6) A change of address confirmation from the United States Postal
Service indicating an applicant's current and prior address
7) A survey of an applicant's real property issued by a licensed surveyor
8) Any official school records showing enrollment


List B

(Older than 12 months)

1) A property or excise tax bill
2) An annual benefits summary statement from the Social Security
Administration or other pension or retirement plan
3) A homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance policy or motor vehicle
insurance card or policy
4) A residential mortgage or similar loan contract, lease or rental contract
showing signatures from all parties needed to execute the agreement


Parents or legal guardian of minor may provide any two pieces of mail addressed to the parent residing at same address to prove minor residency, or use their own CT driver license or ID which shows the same address as one of the two required proofs of residency.

Name change documents  (if applicable)

  1. Marriage or civil union certificate (certified copy issued by town/city)
  2. Marriage or civil union dissolution
  3. Probate court name change document

If there have been multiple name changes, you must provide documentation to prove the continuity of the names.

When you schedule an appointment online, you will sign an affidavit that you will file an application to legalize your immigration status when you are eligible. The Connecticut DMV will check your criminal history. If you have a Connecticut felony, you will not be eligible for a Drive Only credential or a refund of any fees collected.

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